Renewables are the cheapest and cleanest energy available.

They can be generated domestically, allowing us to reduce our energy imports.

With #REPowerEU, we plan to scale up our renewable energy capacities and phase out Russian fossil fuels.



@EU_Commission depends actually on what you call "renewable". If you'd take into account thousands of years of protecting nuclear waste this part of what the commission wants to call "renewable" is not only extremely dangerous but also expensive as hell...

@wolf @EU_Commission that’s the way out of the problem! Digg it down deep as hell… nobody would try to find it. 🤣

@wolf @EU_Commission
You are right. But the waste is not the only problem. First and and foremost first nations and indigenous people, have to pay pay the bill, when it comes to #uranium mining. WHO the heck cares if another one bites the (rad.) dust..
And if it comes to accidents, you can easily hide it, lie and cover.

We can only lose with it.

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